8-28-2020 Liberty Moms

Loving Liberty

Host Dalane England interviews two remarkable guests. Dr Jim Clark – Graduated from BUY in microbiology and virology with an additional certificate in medical technology.  He has recently retired from his medical practice and has researched covid-19 scientific evidence and the health depts statistical findings.  He shares the unprecedented way covid has been handled has not proven to reduce … Read more

8-7-2020 Liberty Moms

Loving Liberty

Kris Kimball interviews 2 Liberty Moms who are standing against overreaching mask mandates. Jacqueline Smith was kicked off a United flight for following United airline policy about masks. Amberli Nelson helped organize and spoke against the laws that are being broken with the Governor mandating children to wear masks in school.

7-17-2020 Liberty Moms

Loving liberty Radio Network

Host Kris Kimball is joined by Jennifer Jensen from Mt. Liberty College to discuss David Barton’s Classical Leadership Workshop, learning history from our founding documents and the numerous benefits of a classical education. For more information: Kris Kimball 801-278-0366 “The one perfectly divine thing, the one glimpse of God’s paradise given on earth, is to fight … Read more