About Loving LibertyThe Loving Liberty Network is committed to promoting free markets, free speech, private property, religious freedom, and sound government. We feel these principles are prerequisites to individual liberty and prosperity. While our organization began as a radio network of hosts and shows informing listeners about these principles, we realized we could do more, needed to do more.

We hope to not only inform but empower. Through the continued growth of a network of businesses, individuals, and organizations we strive to restore the rugged American Individualism that built the greatness of the American way of life.

If it is true that the man who does not read is no better than the man who cannot read – what then does this portend for the learned and able man who does not act? After all, the word responsibility is the merger of two words – ability and response. If you have the ability, knowledge, and skills, you can respond, act; do you not then have a responsibility? 
– Erik H.

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