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Live from Liberty Hall at the Loving Liberty home base

Posted by Loving Liberty on Monday, August 31, 2020

An evolved mission for the Living Liberty Network. Loving Liberty Network’s Strategic Development Director Erik Hanson explains the reasons for the upcoming changes to the organization and the goals moving forward. The book referenced in the video is Henry Lamb’s The Rise of Global Governance with forward by Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, available at the Liberty Hall bookstore.

In this interview of Lawrence Reed the president emeritus of the Foundation for Economic Education you will get a taste of his latest book Was Jesus a Socialist? Why this question is being asked again and why the answer is almost always wrong. Steve Forbes chairman and editor in chief of Forbes Media calls this book “A timely, lively, learned, and well-argued masterpiece that deftly demolishes the claims that Jesus was at heart a Marxist. Reed’s impressively deep knowledge of economics and the New Testament shines through.”