2023 June 8 Liberty Moms with host Kris Kimball

Kris Kimball interviews Dalane England about air travel and how our God given rights are ignored and trampled on by airline corporations. The global agenda is showing up not only in the US but in European countries as well.  The Culture War is really a war against good and evil and how Christians need to up their game in this fight. They both recommended watching the movie Nefarious, to reinforce the idea that is found in the gospels of the New Testament, that demons are real and seek to cause harm and destroy us.  Dalane talked about the Bible being removed from the school libraries in Davis School District.  She feels it was satan’s response to a law that was passed that removed “his bible” from the school libraries, “his bible” being all of the porn and sexually explicit material designed to groom and sexualize our young children. Parents need to pray and ask for God to help them find better education options that exist outside of the government public schools.

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