2023 June 9 The Bryan Hyde Show

Hypothetically, if the federal government was filled with corruption, where’s the best place to start addressing that problem? Matt Rowe says, start at the local level where your influence still matters.

How can you know for sure your government is lying to you? J.B. Shurk says it’s when your government accuses you of being a source of misinformation.

The struggle for power that is currently underway is more than just a political battle. Charles Hugh Smith explains how it’s also a psychological one and social defeat and depression are a huge part of how it impacts us.

There’s no denying that technology like AI is causing sweeping changes. Here’s an interesting look at America’s fastest-shrinking jobs and the services that are no longer required.

On a related note, if you’re feeling fearful about the growing presence of AI in our world, Thomas L. Knapp has some great advice on how he learned to relax and love the AI-pocalypse.


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