9-14-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hr 2

When’s the last time you thought deeply about what really makes you happy? Jen Maffessanti joins me to discuss her take on our brave new world and how people cannot be forced into being happy.

The shrillness of the approaching presidential election is reaching levels that only my dog can fully appreciate. Among the latest manufactured outrage, the idea that the president didn’t do enough to defeat the coronavirus. Since when does a political figurehead control the forces of nature? John Tamny gently points out that the president’s critics can’t have it both ways.

I can feel the thin ices beneath my skates as I venture out into the danger zone with this topic. Do you have a plan for improving your spouse? (hold for “No, but she sure has one for improving ME!” joke) Paul Rosenberg has a fascinating take on why you should have such a plan, if you don’t already.

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