9-14-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour 1

The coronavirus is proving particularly deadly to liberty throughout the world. It’s not surprising that authoritarians would make a power grab during an emergency. As J.D. Tuccille explains, what’s shocking is that so little effort is required to make a majority of people seem to like it.

Few businesses have been hit as hard by the lockdown mentality as have restaurants. Who is standing up for them? Jeffrey A. Tucker has a compelling take on how many media outlets are behaving like yes-men when it comes to the official narrative.

Ready for some practical advice? Emma Freire has some innovative ideas on how to get kids to eat their dinner. This is information I definitely could have used when my kids were young and picky.

I’ve long believed that people tend to vote with their pocketbooks. While this may be true at a purely consumer level, it doesn’t necessarily translate to actual voting in elections. We tend to vote for whichever candidate tells us the best story about ourselves. Max Gulker has a thoughtful warning about the risk of putting our economic fortunes in the hands of politicians.

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