9-15-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hr 1

When it comes to the individuals who are doing the heavy lifting of preserving our liberty in a time of Covid tyranny, Eric Peters is a man among men. He joins me for our weekly chat to discuss how the law isn’t–except when it suits.

Nancy Pelosi’s hairdo is the tip of the iceberg for official hypocrisy from the lockdown tyrants. If you can’t see the double standard that’s at play here, it’s time to get your eyes checked. Jon Miltimore documents another infuriating example of government gyms that remained open when private gym owners were being threatened with jail and fines.

Thanks to the politicizing of everything, truth isn’t getting any easier to come by. The proof can be seen in how Dr. Scott Atlas, who is advising the president on Covid-19, is being actively censored by Youtube. Wouldn’t it make sense that if this man is so wrong, his critics would welcome the chance for him to be on the record so his points could be countered by the truth? There’s never been a greater need for decentralized platforms where truth can be spoken.

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