2023 Apr 20 The Bryan Hyde Show

We’re not supposed to notice certain things that are becoming a little too commonplace. Doug Casey weighs in on the rising crime, legalized shoplifting and other disturbing trends in U.S. cities.

Here’s an idea worth exploring: Stop setting our clocks forward or back twice a year. Bretigne Shaffer describes how to nullify daylight savings.

A lot of folks have been quick to pronounce Twitter dead following Elon Musk’s purchase and takeover of the social media platform. The jury is still out on this. Sasha Stone reminds us that Musk didn’t “ruin” Twitter, politics did.

April 19 has come and gone and with it, the 30 year anniversary of the FBI’s disastrous assault on the Branch Davidians in Texas. James Bovard says 30 years later, Waco is still damning.

The NRA’s recent convention triggered already fragile leftists who were furious at the prospect of kids being “groomed” to see firearms in a positive light. Olivia Murray describes their selective outrage over what is and isn’t appropriate for kids.


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