2023 Apr 21 The Bryan Hyde Show

As horrific as it may sound, the media loves when someone goes on a shooting spree. It means outrage and that means ratings. D. Parker lays out the medias role in mass shootings.

It’s interesting that the legacy media is working to marginalize RFK Jr. as a fringe candidate. Jordan Schachtel explores the possibilities of the last Kennedy Democrat and why the establishment is already cranking up the fear.

Do you find yourself having to do mental gymnastics lately over pronouns? David Lanza explains how the war on pronouns is really a war on language.

People who are life-long learners can attest that there are plenty of lessons to be learned in nearly every situations. Aletheia Hitz shares what 3 years of working in retail taught her about life.

The journalists who have helped to pull back the curtain on the Censorship Industrial Complex have angered those who prefer to work in the shadows. Now Democrats on Capitol Hill are threatening these journalists with prison.

It’s a lot easier to achieve scientific consensus when you actively suppress and censor dissenting voices. Maryanne Demasi shares how she learned that what we call scientific consensus has become a manufactured construct.


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