2023 Apr 19 The Bryan Hyde Show

There were a lot of mistakes made over the past 3 years but one of the most despicable was the segregation of society into “essential” and “non-essential.” Jeffrey A. Tucker spells out exactly what was meant by those terms.

Annie Holmquist always has a take worth considering. Her latest essay “Choosing Children…Over More Than Just Guns” is especially insightful.

It’s not hard to sense the contempt that the ruling class feels for the rest of us. J.B. Shurk lets us in on the little secret that the elite would rather we didn’t know: They fear us.

Were doctors and other health care providers pushing the covid vaccine on their patients in return for monetary bonuses? It appears that this perverse incentive was a reality in some states.

For all the umbrage that NPR showed over being identified as “state-affiliated media” on Twitter, they’re sure doing a good job of acting like that’s what they are. Tom Woods shares some key observations by journalist Glenn Greenwald on the matter.


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