2023 April 18 The Bryan Hyde Show

Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos joins me for our weekly freedom therapy session.

When individuals make an effort to “love one another” as God commands, it can be a source of great beauty. Paul Rosenberg explains why this is easy to say but hard to put into actual practice.

Rule of, by and for the people is what most people mean when they say “democracy.” Robert E. Wright says we can save this kind authentic democracy by ending the government’s compulsory monopoly.

Gone are the days when there was a pretense of fairness on the part of mainstream media. Tim Hartnett spells out the one-side-fits-all approach of those who feel the stakes are too high to play fair anymore.

There comes a point where the departure from reality becomes a conscious embrace of evil. James Howard Kunstler says it’s time to call the exorcist.


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