7-7-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Most graduation speeches are long on platitudes and short on wisdom. I love the speech that Donald J. Boudreaux would have given–had someone just invited him to speak. This is a speech with some highly applicable information.

Vaccination is a touchy subject for many but it’s one that needs to be more broadly discussed and debated. Especially now that the White House is apparently pushing for a door to door campaign to reach out to the still unvaccinated.

Speaking the truth in an age of lies is considered a revolutionary act. Few people understand this more clearly than former Mumford & Sons band member Winston Marshall. Check out his reasons for leaving the band, not just to protect his former bandmates, but also to maintain his personal integrity. This is what legit courage looks like in our time.

Some people love to be treated as a child but I’m not one of them. Here’s an excellent article on how leftists want to be your parents and how they’re using the power of the state to reduce you to perpetual childhood.


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