6-28-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Being perceived as close-minded is something to which few of us would aspire. At the same time, being too open-minded can work against us as well. Gary Galles explains why an open mind is of no value when it’s open to lies.

It might surprise some people to learn that many Americans have adopted a new national pastime. What could possibly replace our love of baseball? Paul O’Brien says the new not-so-great American pastime is rejecting reality and pretending instead.

As unsettling as it is to watch consumer prices slowly going higher and higher, we need to keep some perspective. Even the poorest among us live better than royalty did just a few generations ago. Ethan Yang has an enlightening essay on how the market drives prices down.

My kids introduced me to the band Mumford and Sons a few years ago. While I wouldn’t count myself among their greatest fans, they clearly have enjoyed genuine success. The band’s banjo player Winston Marshall recently resigned from Mumford and Sons. The reasons for his sudden departure are equal parts sad and inspiring. Brendan O’Neill says we could all learn something from Marshall’s response to modern cancel culture.


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