6-28-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

The term “equity” is being used a lot these days as a replacement for what we used to call “equality before the law.” Don’t be bamboozled into thinking it’s an improvement. George Will explains how attacking merit in the name of equity is a prescription for mediocrity.

The president’s staff have their hands full when it comes to walking back, clarifying and otherwise trying to manage some of his more nonsensical pronouncements. Thankfully, they have a bit of volunteer help from Robert E. Wright in correcting one of Biden’s statements about how the citizenry was prohibited from owning cannons at the time of the nation’s founding. Wright sets the record straight on private cannon ownership in colonial America.

As we gear up to celebrate liberty as part of our Independence Day festivities, it’s a great time to consider why liberty is still a viable concept. Sheldon Richman has a marvelous explanation of liberty as a problem-solving process.

I greatly admire those who possess artistic talent. Creating beauty is a legit skill. Paul Rosenberg has a new essay that explores the purpose and value of art. I like his take.


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