5-25-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

  • * Guest: Scott Bradley – To Preserve The Nation – FreedomsRisingSun.com.
  • * Steve Stockman: Crooked Congressman or Political Prisoner? – TheNewAmerican.com.
  • * Democrat election judge pleads guilty to stuffing ballot box – Fraudulent votes for party members comprised as much as 22% of total cast.
  • * MI Gov. Whitmer is on list of possible Biden VP picks.
  • * Dershowitz doubles down: State can force vaccination if it’s ‘safe’ – Acknowledges moral argument but justifies use of state police power.
  • * Pelosi: Next Stimulus Will ‘Enable the American People to Vote by Mail’.
  • * Trump: ‘I have a chance to break the Deep State’ – Jack Davis. Will Trump be successful in breaking the Deep State?

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