5-25-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 1

  • * Guest: Lowell Nelson – CampaignForLiberty.org – RonPaulInstitute.org.
  • * Happy Memorial Day!
  • * “We’ll see. On your knees!” – Ron Paul. Scrap the TRACE Act.
  • HR6666 – The TRACE Act provides $100B this year and unlimited funding in future years to create a massive unconstitutional surveillance, testing, and tracing enforcement system under the guise of “protecting” Americans against coronavirus.
  • * HR6666 Allows for funded entities to home quarantine a person against their will, even while they are healthy. Once a vaccine is available, the testing and tracing results could be used to force individuals to be injected with a COVID-19 vaccine against their will.
  • * Great Things Are Happening! – Karen Kwiatkowski.
  • * Authenti-ception means sensing the truth, identifying who is and who isn’t authentic, and what is and isn’t real and true.
  • * CDC Confirms Low Coronavirus Death Rate – Most likely scenario, is 0.26%.
  • * Will TX Supreme Court Follow WI Supreme Court in Rejecting Coronavirus Crackdown?
  • * Ohio Judge Deems the State’s COVID-19 Lockdown ‘Arbitrary, Unreasonable, and Oppressive’.
  • * The Shutdown May Soon Collapse in Pennsylvania Thanks to Local Resistance.
  • * The Economic “Reopening” Is A Fake Out – Brandon Smith. “Do not be fooled by the reopening. It is not real because it is not meant to last. It is a steam valve to calm public outrage and to condition us to periodic tyranny.
  • * The Founders and Property Rights – Michael Boldin. The Founders and Framers valued property rights a GREAT deal–and so should we.

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