5-12-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Serious question here: Have you stopped masking at every opportunity? I’m not suggesting that there’s just one right answer. Like Annie Holmquist, I’m wondering whether it’s time to plan mask-burning parties.

We’ve had some time to process what has worked and what hasn’t worked regarding how to respond to Covid-19. As John Tamny explains, for those who have been paying attention, one lesson stands out clearly: Restricting freedom didn’t defeat covid.

The line between informing and terrifying people gets pretty blurry depending upon the subject being discussed. Paul Rosenberg shares a couple of personal experiences with climate change events that highlight why we should maintain a healthy skepticism to impressive people making breathless pronouncements.

How do we break the bad habit of turning to the force of the state to solve every problem that arises in our lives? Kent McManigal has a solid example of how to handle a problem without gangs. I’d love to see this kind of thinking become the norm.

Why would the FBI seize heirlooms, coins and cash from hundreds of safe deposit boxes in Beverly Hills and then invite the owners to come forward and identify themselves and their property? Especially when much of the property in question is known to belong to honest citizens. At what point can we finally concede that St. Augustine was right in referring to the state as a “gang of thieves writ large”?


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