5-11-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Political consultant Gary Welch joins me to cover a number of relevant topics including:
1. Two issues related to COVID – the dramatic rise to India’s COVID cases may directly be linked to the roll out of the vaccinations. Within days of the vaccination rollout, the spike start occurring. There are already over 150 cases reported in newspapers that the victims died within a week of receiving the vaccination.
2nd issue – Utah teenager hospitalized with blood clots after COVID-19 vaccine shot (abc4.com)
Utah mom Kassidi Kurill dies days after second dose of COVID-19 vaccine (nypost.com)
Utah pausing J&J vaccine administration after 6 reports of blood clots – Deseret News
These incidents are hitting closer to home.
2. Cheny vs Stefanik. The battle over GOP leadership in the HOR reflects the GOP is going to be circling the wagons around Trump. Liz Cheney, a GOP critic of Trump is sure to be replaced by Elise Stefanik as the House Republican Conference Chairwoman (highest female position in the HOR). Stefanik is a strong Trump supporter.
What does this indicate for 2022 and 2024? Are they going to rally around Trump?
3. Pelosi’s proposed Drug pricing reduction plan. What are the implications of her plan and why are the GOP opposing it so strongly? A GOP support group is spending $4M in Democrat controlled areas to oppose the plan. They link it to a plot to move our pharmaceutical industry to China since the US manufacturers would not be able to compete. How does this match up with Free Market ideology?
4. Looking at the Voter Reform Act being proposed in Congress. Two bills (one being proposed by the Senate and one already passed by HOR) in the works on voter reform.
What is in the bills:
  • A federal financing system for elections
  • Mandated same day voter registration
  • Absentee voting ballots mandated to be sent 45 days before election
  • Restricts photo id voter registration and requires only a sworn affidavit for voting.
How obvious can one get about wanting to promote voter fraud and rigging of elections?

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