2023 June 22 The Bryan Hyde Show

A person could be forgiven for wondering if we are living in George Orwell’s novel “1984” right now. Jon Miltimore has a fascinating take on 3 real life sources that inspired Orwell to write the book.

Public safety is a well-intended goal but it can definitely be taken too far. Lenore Skenazy weighs in on the folly of cops telling parents how to raise their kids.

The same folks who so relentlessly pushed lockdowns, masks and vaccine mandates are determined to solidify their control with a digital currency. Brandon Smith asks the question looming over us: When to they intend to impose this system?

The cult of the athlete has quietly been pushed aside by the cult of the expert. If you’re serious about extricating yourself from the dominant groupthink of our time, check out this commentary on pro-covid mandate scientists using the “expert” fallacy to avoid fair debate.


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