2023 June 21 The Bryan Hyde Show

No matter how hopeless you may feel about how things, there is an awakening taking place. Jack Gleason says the quiet riot against insanity inn America is gaining strength.

Professor Peter Hotez is the new public face of big pharma and he’s running interference for the vaccine narrative in a big way. Jordan Schachtel has some necessary background on the establishment’s new snake oil salesman.

Those of us who live in flyover country have many reasons to be grateful. For those who live in large cities, here’s what an ordinary citizen’s bill of rights might look like.

It’s still pretty early to be getting wound up over the 2024 presidential election. Caitlin Johnstone has 15 questions that are more useful than “What presidential candidate should I vote for?

Two words that need to be a part of our individual lexicon are the terms “nullification” and “secession.” Thomas DiLorezno has a great explanation of why these should be imperatives for lovers of freedom.


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