2023 July 7 The Bryan Hyde Show

This may be a touchy subject but it’s one that deserves serious discussion. Brandon Smith wonders, why American churches are eerily silent when the country needs them the most.

It’s not uncommon to hear the term “dead end job” used to refer to entry-level work. Art Carden has a thoughtful essay on why America needs more “McJobs.

We all know individuals who are currently dealing with pain, loneliness and sorrow. Jon Miltimore shares a favorite literary passage that helps put things into perspective.

Not to pick open an old wound but would it surprise you to learn that a study by the British medical journal Lancet disappeared within 24 hours? Specifically, it was a study that purports to show that a high number of deaths could be attributed to reactions to the covid vaccine. Interesting.

What happens to societies that surrender their moral foundation? Allen Mashburn says, we don’t have to guess. Historically, these societies self-destruct.


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