2023 July 6 The Bryan Hyde Show

If the battle over free speech seems like so many rumblings in the distance, think again. As J.B. Shurk explains, the realities of hate speech policies are making it clear that language bans are the battleground for ideas.

Finding common ground with the people around us isn’t easy. James R. Harrigan asks a very relevant question: What are the harmonizing sentiments of our day?

Tom Krannawitter always has a take worth considering. If you missed his thoughts on Independence Day, they’re worth your time.

With the help of a compliant media, the authorities responsible for the carnage of covid policies are desperately trying to rewrite history. It’s pretty rich to see former CDC director Rochelle Walensky warning about the dangers of “politicizing science.”

The question of justice over deadly covid policies still hangs over us. Stella Paul reminds us that the depravity of the hospital protocol has created an army of the grieving.


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