2023 July 24 The Bryan Hyde Show

I beat the drum a lot over free speech. The movement that is ramping up to first control free speech and then to eliminate it is gaining momentum. Jeffrey A. Tucker brilliantly describes the free speech scare and what it entails.

Call me a conspiracy nut if it makes you feel better but now that the FedNow program is officially launched, the danger of a central bank digital currency is much closer. Daisy Luther has some great analysis as well as recommendations of what we can do.

Last week’s congressional hearing, in which RFK Jr. testified, was a sobering reminder of the contempt that the ruling class feels toward the First Amendment. Clarice Feldman weighs in on “thorny questions” and how Democrats and media enables censor news.

There’s some remarkable grassroots journalism taking place in Northern Idaho right now thanks to Casey Whalen. Check out his article on how Marxist networks are playing footsie with state and federal law enforcement to target dissenting Americans.

Article of the Day:

If you’ve had an unsettled feeling about Fox News over the past few years, your instincts are correct. Roger Kimball explains how Fox’s conservative stance belies a much darker agenda.


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