2023 July 21 The Bryan Hyde Show

It’s pretty established that crisis is a marvelous tool for power-seekers and opportunists. Remember that as Jeffrey A. Tucker explains how climate change is the new covid.

Most of the media’s attention today will be focused on a new Trump indictment. By a strange coincidence, the FedNow digital dollar is launching and the Federal Reserve wants to assure us that it has “no relation with CBDCs.”

It’s always interesting when a media outlet tries to tell us which are the best and worst states in which to live. CNBC’s latest list shows the worst states as the ones most people are moving to and the best states as the ones they’re fleeing.

The craziest thing about the covid and lockdown deceptions was that the intellectual class seemed to buy into them the hardest. Laura Dodsworth has a fascinating take on why intelligent people are so easily tricked.

Article of the Day:

The leftist grooming of children in public school is like so many other things that are first dismissed as a conspiracy theory only to eventually found out to be factual. The bigger question now is can concerned parents stop schools from grooming children.


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