2023 July 20 The Bryan Hyde Show

As much as we try not to lord it over our big-city counterparts, those of us who occupy flyover country have good reason to love our small towns. Right now progressives are outraged and Country Music Television is censoring Jason Aldean over a song celebrating small town values.

One of the more curious objections to homeschooling is the concern that it might not be “safe” for the kids. Angela Dills explores whether or not students are safer in government-run schools.

The current inversion of reality under which we live is best illustrated in the things we’re told are “racist” “extremist” or a source of “hate.” John Stossel pulls back the curtain on the Southern Poverty Law Center and other groups that smear for money.

The July 4th ruling by a federal judge that put a hold on federal agencies colluding with social media companies has been stayed by another federal judge. Bobbie Anne Flower Cox has the lowdown on where stands the Ministry of Truth.

Article of the Day:

Finding the truth is not something that will just magically happen as you watch TV, read the newspaper or surf the internet. As Caitlin Johnstone explains, it’s a matter of methodically sorting fact from fiction, one lie at a time.


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