2023 July 19 The Bryan Hyde Show

What did you experience growing up that may be holding you back today? Dr. John C. Pulver joins me to talk about how to put things in perspective in a way that allow you to move forward with confidence. Here’s a link to the Family Awareness Questionaire for his book “Growing Beyond Your Family of Origin Experience”

Is covid making a comeback? James Howard Kunstler warns that a crisis of bad faith and sickness is happening at the same time as a vicious cycle of economy and finance. He advises that we maintain situational awareness.

It sure feels like we’re being marched into another war where anything less than a Toby Keith level of support puts one’s patriotism in question. Thomas L. Knapp has a very solid take on what it means to oppose war without the obligatory disclaimers.

Article of the Day:

For the record, I don’t want to send the government after my ideological adversaries. Having said that, Brandon Smith may have a point when he says that journalists attacking the film “The Sound of Freedom” probably should have their computer hard drives investigated.


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