2023 Jan 19 The Bryan Hyde Show

There seems to be growing darkness in almost any direction we turn right now. Larry Alton describes why if there was ever a time to remember why families are more important than ever, this is it.

After the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision, the right to keep and bear arms has been on pretty solid ground. Then along comes the ATF and with a simple rule change, law abiding citizens face being transformed into criminals overnight.

Practical skills are good to have and philosophy counts as a practical skill, especially in times of confusion and disinformation. Aletheia Hitz has a strong argument for why we should study philosophy.

The systems that seek to rule us work very hard to convince us that they alone can fix our inadequacies. And a surprising number of people will defend those systems to the bitter end. George Ford Smith explains how political salvation is slow suicide.

The past 3 years have shown us that medical tyranny is not simply a dystopian conspiracy theory. Paul Craig Roberts shares how in his lifetime, he has witnessed the death of independent medicine and fair trials.


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