2023 Jan 18 The Bryan Hyde Show

The idea that taxation is theft seems pretty obvious to anyone who understands the nature of the state. Jeff Thomas has a relatable explanation that will likely convince even those who want to assure the state that they love it.

Anyone who is aware of the World Economic Forum can see that there’s serious mischief afoot. J.B. Shurk has a terrific essay on what’s going on and how a revolution in the minds of the people will be necessary to stop the WEF.

Holding the right people accountable for the covid disaster is going to require swimming against the tide. James Howard Kunstler explains what that might look like and why we need testimony, not documents, to get to the truth.

The pressure to normalize the word games of the pronoun gang is pervasive and intense. Check out this short video of a guy explaining how it’s a form of manipulation disguising itself as manners.

Few people have been more willing to speak truth to power and suffer the wrath of those in power than Ammon Bundy. He’s a controversial figure to some but you should take the time to read his letter to the Idaho officials who are ruthlessly seeking to destroy him.


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