2023 Aug 2 The Bryan Hyde Show

Someone wants us to be fearful and more easily manipulated. D. Parker asks, does it seem as though every news story lately is on climate doom?

The move to ban lead on federal lands is a backdoor attempt to discourage firearms ownership by making ammo prohibitively expensive. Mark Jones describes Biden’s latest attack on the Second Amendment.

As difficult as it must be for the striking Hollywood actors and writers right now, the fact remains that their studio-labor model has become outdated. Ryan McMaken says, these actors and writers may have to get used to stagnant wages.

Investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel is a great resource for people seeking credible information. His latest column is worth your time. It’s titled: “How they got away with it, now what?

Article of the Day:

If you haven’t been labeled a conspiracy theorist at least once, you’re not even trying to speak the truth. Paul Rosenberg has a terrific explanation of why the phrase “conspiracy theory” is nothing more than thuggery.


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