2023 Aug 1 The Bryan Hyde Show

My friend and fellow freedom conspirator Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos joins me for a quick rundown of current events and discussion of how to claim your freedom.

Someone wants us frightened and off balance. Why else would they be breathlessly informing us that we’ve entered the age of “global boiling?” Brendan O’Neill says, don’t be ridiculous, it’s time to stand up to the eco-fearmongering.

Anytime someone tells you that so-called “common sense” gun control isn’t about confiscation, feel free to laugh in their face. D. Parker serves up the historical perspective that puts the lie to the left’s claims that “no one is coming for your guns.”

Article of the Day:

If you haven’t experienced the writing of C.S. Lewis, you’re missing out on a marvelous experience. Samantha Roth explains how “The Chronicles of Narnia” and learning from the past are two of Lewis’ greatest contributions to the world.


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