2022 March 17 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Caleb Franz from the Profiles in Liberty podcast joins me for our regular History in Action segment. Today we give a long overdue nod to America’s founding mothers.

One of the great dangers of the daily onslaught of war propaganda is that it persuades a lot of otherwise principled individuals to set aside their principles. Jacob Hornberger reminds us that the Founders’ warnings about avoiding “entangling alliances” remain valid.

The ruling class seems determined to impose its version of reality on a world that refuses to accept it. The Z-man explains that the test of reality is underway and can be seen in the Russia/Ukraine narrative.

Notice how obsessed the ruling class is with protecting “our democracy” from various threats? Given how hard they’re painting us as enemies, T.R. Clancy wonders, whose democracy is this anyway?

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