2022 March 17 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

As you’ve likely noticed, taking control of free speech starts with taking control of the words we use. If we’re serious about staying connected to reality, Kate McColl says we need hard words to speak about hard realities.

U.S. foreign policy is turning out to be a pretty effective red pill for a lot of us. As Caitlin Johnstone explains, international law is a meaningless concept when it only applies to U.S. enemies.

It may not seem like there’s much we can do about the current global drama but we’re far from helpless to improve the situation where we’re standing. Annie Holmquist says, teach your kids to read, so they’ll learn how to think.

Making sense of the conflict with Russia can be difficult due to the amount of official propaganda that’s driving public perception. Doug Casey has some solid analysis and a few thoughts on where this is going.

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