2022 June 22 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

We’re all learning as we go and, hopefully, learning from our earlier mistakes. Here’s one of the best Twitter thread unrolls from someone who has kept track of the growing list of covid oddities.

The connection between morality and freedom is well understood by those who have studied the principles and practices of liberty. Annie Holmquist says to gain more freedom, American morality must increase.

It’s easy to look at what happened in German society in the 1930s and to think that we are above embracing the kind of evil that overcame them. The truth of the matter is that we can all be evil and we’re not so different from the Germans.

Skeptics of the climate apocalypse have a point when they doubt that giving power & money to politicians will somehow change the environment. Dr. Donald Miller Jr. says climate science spawns serfdom.

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