2022 June 22 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

You’ve likely heard talk of the coming economic storm but did you realize how long it has been building? Dr. Brian C. Joondeph cuts through the hyperbole to lay out the reality of what is approaching.

When I first heard that the U.S. Navy was training its recruits to create pronoun “safe spaces” I was sure it was a joke. Nope. As Andrea Widburg notes, in a crisis-ridden era, the Navy is, in fact, focusing on pronouns.

Whether you know it or not, Julian Assange has done more to protect your remaining freedoms than all of the world’s politicians combined. Thomas L. Knapp says, Assange should be freed but that’s not nearly enough.

Inflation is a fact of life for all of us right now. Danielle Butcher explains why high gas prices are a signal of more inflation to come.

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