2022 January 18 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

We have been subjected to non stop fear porn for nearly 2 years straight. J.B. Shurk says it’s time to let go of our fears and recognize that the ruling class are the ones who should be shaking in their shoes. After all, their narrative is losing its power over the masses.

We’ve seen some pretty bold departures from reality over the past few years. But the claim that if California is ever to attain ‘true equity’ then parents must be willing to give away their children is a whole new level of collectivist yearning. Didn’t the communists claim party ownership of children?

Have you ever changed your mind when someone insisted that you ‘trust the science’? Paul Rosenberg has a great explanation of what science is and what it isn’t. It’s a distinction worth knowing.

As things continue to devolve into societal and economic instability, a lot of folks are pondering whether or not to relocate. Charles Hugh Smith says the question to answer is, should you move while you can or when you must?

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