2022 January 18 The Bryan Hyde Show

It’s our weekly sit down with Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos. We talk about the growing sense of mental illness that is upstaging the coronavirus throughout society. We also talk about who should buy a teenager’s first car and some positive developments in Eric’s home state of Virginia.

The empty store shelves you’ve been seeing are likely a shadow of things to come. Aiden Tate from the Organic Prepper has a timely article on how our supply chain is being battered by the perfect storm. This is the optimal time to pick up the necessities you’ve been procrastinating buying.

It’s a safe bet that as the Covid narrative continues to come apart, the folks who pushed it the hardest will be scrambling to avoid being seen as having supported it. Ryan McMacken has an excellent piece on how the experts ‘zero Covid’ plan was a total failure–regardless of how these experts try to justify it.

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