2022 January 10 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

It’s not like we lack historical examples of what can happen when science becomes married to power and then granted near infallible status. Mike Roberts explains why the bastardization of the scientific method is so dangerous.

I understand that many people are sincerely afraid of an unseen enemy that is being blamed for turning our world upside down. Rick McDowell says fear is the mind-killer and people under its influence are likely to miss the fact that their fear is being used to control them.

What happened on Jan 6 of 2021 is being used to weaponize the full weight of the federal government against anyone who refuses to go along with the official narrative. You don’t have to agree with the people who stepped over the line to recognize that there are a lot of unanswered questions. Julie Kelly has 12 questions the Justice Dept and the FBI need to answer.

If you’re serious about changing minds rather than establishing dominance over others, you know that persuasion requires respect for the other person. Annie Holmquist has some time-tested advice from Ben Franklin on how to change the minds of those with whom you disagree. His advice rings true.

It’s one thing to trust Dr. Fauci. It’s something else to think about whether you trust your personal physician. Roger L. Simon asks, do you trust your doctor anymore? He has some compelling reasons why many people no longer can.

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