2022 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

You know how I can be certain that there is no such thing as a mass formation psychosis that is taking hold of a large segment of the population? Because the major propaganda organs of our time, including Big Tech, mass media and their political allies have unanimously concluded that no such thing exists. And if we can’t trust them to tell us the truth, who can we trust?

In all seriousness, speaking the truth these days requires a stainless steel backbone. The masses are being conditioned to see wrongthinkers as the cause of their misery. Gary D. Barnett has a few of the reasons we can never stop speaking out: only the truth will set us free.

I don’t know how anyone who followed the Supreme Court hearing on workplace vax mandates could still believe that the judiciary hasn’t been fatally compromised by activism. Jeffrey A. Tucker sums it up nicely: Get the courts out of science. Both are deeply tainted by politics.


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