2022 February 9 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Keith Kelsch from Local Common Wealth stops by to talk about the higher road to solving community problems. It’s a pathway that isn’t beholden to politics or being part of the right clique.

If you’re trusting the heritage news media to give you the straight scoop of what’s happening, you’re in for some real disappointment. Even when the press gets something wrong, they won’t admit it. J. Peder Zane has an eye-opening explanation of why newspapers refuse to correct errors.

The divide between the ruling class and the rest of us is getting too big to ignore. Christopher Chantrill has an interesting take on how we might refer to the people who think they know best as the pejorative class.

It’s been hard to miss how concerned the political class is becoming with this little thing we call free speech. Check out this DHS bulletin that elevates what they’re calling “misinformation” to a terrorism threat. Sounds like they’re worried that the people are getting wise to them.

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