2022 February 9 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

If there was a serious effort to go after the top purveyors of Covid misinformation, Steve Kirsch has a list of misinformation spreaders who have done measurable harm and should be investigated immediately. You’ll likely recognize a bunch of these names.

Gaslighting is back in fashion these days. It’s all the rage among the people who once were the staunchest supporters of lockdowns and mandates but now claim they were always against them. Chris Rossini says, let the rewriting of Covid history begin.

First it was a study by Johns Hopkins, now a Harvard Medical professor is confirming what many of us already knew: The government’s pandemic response failed miserably and and ignored the consequences of its policies.

Tom Luongo’s latest column is worth your time. He provides some much needed clarity on the faux controversy surrounding Joe Rogan and the Canadian government’s response to the truckers and citizens who are tired of being ordered around.

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