2022 February 10 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

The growing war against “disinformation” is causing great concern among the political class. How dare we question what they tell us? James Bovard has some excellent reasons why everyone should doubt the information from Joe Biden’s government.

Reparations is a tricky subject. Ideally, they should be made to the people who have actually suffered a measurable harm by the people who actually caused that harm. That may not be possible for slavery, but it’s entirely possible for the business victims of the Covid lockdowns.

Watching GoFundMe try to swipe $10 million in donations to the Canadian truckers is a powerful lesson in what government would do to dissidents should a fed-controlled digital currency become our new money. Betsy McCaughey has the lowdown on freedom truckers vs. GoFundMe leftists.

If you’re trying to stay informed on the freedom truckers’ efforts in Canada, Aden Tate from the Organic Prepper has a terrific write up. Ottawa cops have stolen fuel, lied to the press and arrested people, yet the freedom convoy remains.

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