2022 February 10 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Who knew? The people who seem intent on making us live in Clown World have a serious issues with the sound of horns going “honk honk.” Hugh Hunter lives in downtown Ottawa and says he’s grateful that the honking will continue until freedom improves.

The more that people in authority struggle to contain our perceptions of reality, the more apparent their desperation becomes. Charles Hugh Smith says what we’re seeing is historically consistent with how empires die.

How can we have productive discussions in an age where so many people are looking for a reason to be offended? Joakim Book has some highly applicable information on apologies and hurt feelings.

Those of us who were skeptical about the fervency with which the Covid-19 vaccines have been pushed on the public have plenty of reasons to be thankful that we held out. Watching the “science” change for political expediency is just the tip of the iceberg. As Donald J. Boudreaux explains, there are other reasons for our skepticism.

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