2021 September 13 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

It sure felt like a gauntlet was thrown down when the president announced sweeping power grabs and how his “patience is running thin” for those who won’t obey. Lots of people have responded to that speech but I found Thomas Luongo’s recommendation to be particularly worthwhile. He says, just say no to Joe Biden’s call for civil war.

The Mises Institute is hard to beat for a principled take on just about any issue. Their recent editorial against Biden’s mandates is an accurate and concise explanation of the principles at stake. Know what you stand for. There are more than enough parrots out there.

When I’m trying to get a a solid assessment of what’s taking place around us, there are a few minds that I’ve come to trust more than others. James R. Harrigan is one of those minds. He describes our situation of political brinksmanship as a subtle catastrophe in the making.

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