2021 September 13 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Some people have begun to ask why we don’t hear more about natural immunity as a factor in mitigating the spread of Covid. Jon Sanders explains how a stronger, more robust natural immunity thwarts any case for vaccine passports.

People who have trust issues with the official numbers of Covid cases and who question whether those numbers are being exaggerated to generate public fear aren’t just being paranoid. A leaked Zoom call of health officials in North Carolina clearly shows a detailed discussion of how to report the numbers in a way that scares the public into obeying the various mandates and health directives.

By now it should be clear that anyone who wishes to retain his or her personal freedom, to any degree, must be willing to assert it. Allan Stevo says we need to get used to saying “Show me the writ” and asking to see and read the actual policies we are being told to obey. This is part of the heavy lifting required to be a free individual.

It’s pretty hard to miss that everything is costing more. An executive for a major supermarket chain is warning that we’re all about to really start feeling rising inflation when we shop for food. Might be a good time to stock up on essentials.


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