2021 November 9 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos stops by to talk current events. We talk about risk reversal and how the various mandates are creating division where there was none before.

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial took a surprising turn for the positive when the prosecution’s key witness admitted on the stand that he was shot in the arm only after he pointed his handgun at Rittenhouse. This case could have some far-reaching implications for self defense law moving forward. It’s also noteworthy that a George Floyd activist claims that jurors for the case are being tracked and photographed to ensure the “right” verdict is reached.

The most difficult thing that most of us will ever be asked to do is to provide leadership to the people around us. Why is it so daunting? Chris Brady explains that we often have a distorted view of what leadership is. If you’re determined to use your influence wisely, no matter where you are, you’ll appreciate Brady’s take on this subject.

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