2021 November 9 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

If you’re feeling discouraged at the turn things have taken over the past couple of years, here’s a reason for optimism. Ron Paul says there’s great news in the fact that thousands are willing to walk away from their jobs rather than be forced to accept a medical procedure they don’t want. Bottom line: Biden’s vaccine mandates are falling apart.

It’s a sad truth that most of us become accustomed to being regulated and governed in every facet of our lives because it’s all we’ve ever known. Brian Wilson has a handy tool for helping to open peoples’ eyes to the reality of everyday tyranny. It’s a little game called “Name 2 Things.

How far do you trust your doctor’s judgment? James Howard Kunstler relates how he lost his faith in his physician and came to the conclusion that medicine wants to kill you. His story is one to make you carefully consider how you choose your personal doctor.

When it comes to connecting the dots and making the bigger picture come into focus, Brandon Smith is an excellent writer. His latest column on the courageous L.A. County Sheriff telling the truth about vax mandates is an excellent read.

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