2021 July 23 Liberty Moms with host Kris Kimball

Kris Kimball interviews Jen Dredge a Utah mom who is working hard to secure voter integrity here in Utah. Listen to learn how you can play a part in making sure Utah elections a really secure and legal with a forensic audit. Legal elections are the lynchpin to our liberty.  www.utahfreedomcoalition.org

Comments for the State School Board Rule dealing with Critical Race Theory (R277-328) can still be made by sending an email to Cybil.child@schools.utah.gov indicate you want your email to be included in the public comments. Deadline for public comments is July 30th. You can listen to the State School Board Public Hearing on YouTube, “ Public Hearing on the Proposed Rule R277-328 Education Equity in Schools.

Are local school boards going after parents who speak out against their policies? Why did Alpine School District request 2 parents be arrested for trespassing and disturbing a public meeting, when those 2 parents were not even present in the school board meeting?

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