2021 December 13 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Civil asset forfeiture is one of the clearest possible indicators that justice is becoming twisted into something that serves the state more so than the people. Patrick Carroll has the sobering story of a man who pushed back against having his money stolen by law enforcement and who ultimately prevailed.

I spend way more time online than I’d like to spend. So much so that I’m pretty sure it’s an addiction, at this point. Kent McManigal warns that the growing metaverse is not a reasonable substitute for the real world. He points that that, even with it’s difficulties and scars, the real world is a better place.

What do you get when you mix science with politics? The answer is politics. And, no, it’s not a punchline. Robert Arvay explains how the politicization of science is undermining the public’s trust of both.

Why aren’t kids outside anymore? This is the question posed by free-range parenting guru Lenore Skenazy. She says the decline in children playing outdoors can be traced directly to the idea that kids are in danger all the time and that allowing them any freedom is akin to neglect.


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