2021 December 13 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

One of the most shocking lessons that most of us eventually learn is that the greatest acts of evil are generally carried out by ordinary people. Kate Wand has posted an enlightening commentary and a short documentary about the line dividing good and evil. It’s an excellent reminder that the surest way to limit evil is to choose not to let it enter the world through us.

Why is it so hard to admit when we are wrong? Ronald Bailey has an excellent essay on what confirmation bias does to us individually and how it prevents us from learning what others may have to teach us. Warning: Reading this essay with an open mind requires leaving your pride at the door.

Here’s some good news. The hardships of the pandemic have caused problem-solvers to think more creatively. J.D. Tuccille reports that entrepreneurship is on the rise, despite Covid-19. Apparently, necessity spells opportunity for those who have eyes to see.

Now that three federal courts have struck down Biden vaccine mandates, a number of mega-corporations are starting back away quickly. Daniel McAdams says the brotherhood of the needle is faltering and it’s a good time to learn from what has been done to us.

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